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What is a SAHM?

SAHM is short for Stay-At-Home-Mom! 

What is the purpose of this site?

There are lots of women in our society today who have chosen to bypass, change, abandon, or temporarily stop their careers in order to care for their children.  Although it's getting better, Stay at Home Moms are still not getting the support and recognition they need.  It's tough to work a job which is 24/7 with no paycheck or bonuses! 

This site is dedicated to giving SAHMs, especially new ones, support and information that they need in this difficult job.

Who are the new SAHMs in America?

Modern SAHMs are different from our counterparts of a few decades ago in several ways: -
First, we often spend several years establishing a career before taking some time off at home.  Many have gained valuable professional experience.  
Second, at-home mothers often consider their time at home as only one state of their lives (this is known as sequencing.)  They will be home with young children, but often resume a paid profession at a later time. 
Third, today's at-home mothers tend to be older and better educated than those of the previous generation.  
Fourth, and MOST importantly, mothers at home today have specifically CHOSEN to devote their time and energy towards raising a family.  This is a benefit over moms of the 50's through 70's who felt that staying home was their only option.  Modern SAHMs have the opportunity to serve as role models and to show others that motherhood is a compelling, honorable, and very important career choice.

SAHM Statistics:

Mothers & More, a national support group for mothers (the majority of whom stay home with their children) recently took a survey of their membership.  This is what they found:

bulletThe typical member is 34 years old and has two children.
bullet84% of members have college degrees; 30% have a masters, Ph.D. or other professional degree
bullet64% of members are full-time SAHMs who do not currently work for pay.  34% work part-time for pay, half of whom work out of the home.  1% work full-time outside the home.
bulletMore that 50% of members made the decision to alter their career paths before their first child was born; another 36% made the decision shortly thereafter.
bullet82% of members left a full-time job to be home with their children, while over 9% reduced their workload to part-time.
bulletMore than 71% of members are planning to return to work in the future.  22% are undecided, and 7% do not plan to transition back into the workforce.

Who runs this site?

My name is Danielle Heskett, and I have been a SAHM for 9 1/2 years.  I have been involved in several SAHM support groups which have made my life much more rewarding and enjoyable than it otherwise would have been.  Click here to learn more about my own story.


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